Media training.
This intensive, one-day training course for individuals or small groups doesn't just tell you what to do, it teaches you exactly how to get your message across in the most positive way.

Who will the course benefit?

Everyone who ever has to address the media: from CEOs to entrepreneurs; from charity workers to arts leaders. You'll be trained by an award-winning international journalist, who will show you how to handle interviews for the press, radio, television and the social media, confidently and effectively, even in times of crisis.

Key focus:

With 24-hour news coverage and an enormous increase in media outlets, there are more and more opportunities for you to be interviewed about your organisation. The media are always looking for a story, so you need to make sure that when the moment comes, it's your story, told in your way.

The training is individually designed to fit your needs. This means that the subject of the interviews will be specifically about your organisation. It is also delivered in a flexible way, so there is time to work on particular challenges you feel you might face.

CEOs and those working at a very senior level will usually prefer the one-to-one training. The strength of group training is that you also get to learn by watching each other in action. But numbers are limited to five so as to give you maximum individual feedback and practical experience of being interviewed.

After a short introduction, which helps you understand what journalists are looking for and what strategies they use to trip up the unsuspecting interviewee, Tine will help you to focus your message and adapt it to get the best out of each of the media. She'll then take you through a series of interviews for newspapers, radio and TV. These will be based on specially prepared scenarios: hypothetical news events – positive or negative – about your organisation.

Interviews will be video recorded, so you can learn from the feedback and have the chance to strengthen your technique throughout the day. Because Tine will work with you at an advanced level, she makes the training, realistic, tough and challenging. In the TV interviews we work with a professional cameraman. Naturally, we respect your need for security, so everything is treated with complete confidentiality.

One day course content

Introduction to working with the media. The essential message The newspaper/web interview The radio interview The television interview