What the clients say..

The feedback from Tine's clients speaks for itself...

“Great, I feel much more confident now, looking forward to doing media interviews instead of dreading them.”

Environmental charity

“Wish someone had taught me some of this before I did my first TV!”

Government organisation

“Great value for all senior professionals”

International bank

“This was, for the first time ever, a course that was really about us.”

Telecommunications company

“Terrific, high calibre, very experienced delivery. This was one of the most powerful, incisive and useful training courses I have ever been on. Bespoke, practical and inspiring.”

Arts organisation

“Informative, interactive and really helpful. 10 out of 10.”

Environmental charity

“Excellent. High level and experienced trainer. Improved my ability to handle interviews in half a day. Thank you. Trainer 50/10!”

Arts organisation

“This was an excellent course and has massively improved my confidence in dealing with the media. Tine was great and very relevant. Good to have real life journalist from the field running the course."

Veterinary organisation

“Came in as a lost soul, left with a course to sail”

International bank

“I didn’t realize it, but for all those years I have been completely blind. Now I can see.”

European food packaging company

“One of the most practical courses ever! A lot of exercises about my own field of experience”

Engineering consultancy

“Very useful course giving me the confidence to put myself forward for any interview situation. Tine was very approachable and generous with her time and insight.”

Adoption charity

“Really good and frank.”

Satellite navigation company

“Tine made my fear of cameras disappear.”

Wind energy company

“Invaluable preparation for facing the media.”

Government organisation

“It was really excellent training and extremely useful.”

Arts organisation

“Concise, gave a structure you can use time and time again in difficult circumstances.”

International bank

“You made us all feel at ease, and being an insider, your insights into the world of the interviewer were most helpful.”

Government organization

“I found this course really useful. It made me think about communicating my research in a whole new way. Being able to talk about the essence of what I am doing and why it is important and not being side-tracked. Fantastic insight. Thank you.”

British university

“Very useful, gave me great insight into the media world and how to make the most out of a media interview.”


“Excellent I would recommend this to anyone embarking on media activity.”

Social welfare charity

"Excellent trainers, very experienced and knowledgeable. A pleasure to learn from you. Very useful, interesting and practical tools to equip everyone in speaking to the media."

Energy company

“The media training and especially the exercises was incredibly helpful. Sitting down and actually doing an interview, and seeing it on screen afterwards was so much more useful than just talking about it in theory.”

Environmental organisation

“I think this course is a must for any person who may be asked to give an opinion for their organization or practice.”

Veterinary organisation

“Tine has a lot of experience on the ‘other’ side of the microphone, which helped me to understand the media industry better. She was also very good at feedback and summarizing our work to help us develop a style that works well in TV and radio.”

Social welfare charity

“I truly enjoyed your lively class, full with practical advice on the do’s and don’ts when meeting with the press. You taught me how to respond to difficult questions, but even more interestingly, how to steer the conversation away from danger zones and into the direction of my liking. It was an amazing experience for me and I am very grateful for the lessons I learned from you.”

Managing Director, European Airline