The feedback from Tine's clients speaks for itself...

"Best media training I have ever done! Giving me the tools and techniques to get out of difficult questions in interviews and how to feel confident!"


"Really very helpful indeed – and surprisingly enjoyable!"


"Very useful exercise to help senior leadership to understand how media interviews work and to think about their words, behaviour and appearance in a crisis situation."

Government organisation

"This was, for the first time ever, a course that was really about us."

Telecommunications company

"Great trainer, very engaging and really useful – especially being grilled!"

Arts organisation

"Wish someone had taught me some of this before I did my first TV!"

Government organisation

"I would recommend this to anyone, no matter how nervous or scared you are. By the end I had a lot more faith in myself."

Educational Charity

"Came in as a lost soul, left with a course to sail"

International bank

"I didn't realize it, but for all those years I have been completely blind. Now I can see."

European food packaging company

"Excellent. High level and experienced trainer. Improved my ability to handle interviews in half a day. Thank you. Trainer 50 out of 10!"

Arts organisation

"Great. Tine is engaging and so incredibly knowledgeable. Loved it. Priceless info learnt today!"

Higher Education

"This was an invaluable training, Tine shed light on areas and approaches to interviews I'd never thought of. I wish I'd done it 10 years ago!"


"Excellent way to prepare for being interviewed, many 'eye opening' moments, good for immediate use."

Global business owner

"A really informative training that is well structured and tailored to my needs. I really felt like I could apply all that I learned by the end of the session. Thank you."

Arts Organisation.

"Very clear advice, good structure, good feedback, well organised. Happy to recommend to anyone."


"Think this is brilliant! Perfect for any actor. Can use these techniques in any job/life!"


"I truly enjoyed your lively class, full with practical advice on the do's and don'ts when meeting with the press. You taught me how to respond to difficult questions, but even more interestingly, how to steer the conversation away from danger zones and into the direction of my liking. It was an amazing experience for me and I am very grateful for the lessons I learned from you."

Managing Director, European Airline